Passion meets craziness

Today I am going to share my experiences with a crazy guy! We are childhood friends and have done lots for crazy things together. We have lived through moments, had random serious talks about life and so much more. He is tech freak, nature lover, mountain mad and my rescue machine if anything goes wrong with my PC(though at time I have better jugad solutions than he has)

His name is Yogesh Unavane. We always use to talk about adventure, trekking, mountains, rafting, cycling and more. What surprised me at first was his passion for everything. Today I feel super proud that he has taken his passion forward and is trying to pursue it. I feel so happy to share a small video of his recent Mumbai 100 Km Cycling(Please check the link at the end of the blog).

Today as I see him exploring the unknown, a small through comes to the mind.We all have something that we love so much, but at times because of daily work, no time, may be laziness, we don’t give much time for something that may bring some freshness in our monotonous schedules.

You like to paint, write, sing, cycle, jog, music. . . Do it! Don’t hold yourself back thinking about how people will react or respond to it. Because it is something that you love, not they!

Yogesh Unavane

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